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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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On December 89 1983, Congress enacted technical amendments to ECIA (P,U
98-211) that amended Section 555(b) of ECIA to require that the Department
continue to use the definitions of "currently migratory child/8 "migratory
agricultural worker" and "migratory fisherman" which were in effect in the
Title I regulations as of June 30* 1982,

P*U 98-211 also amended the program's basic application requirements con-
tained in Section 142(a)(3) of Title I, so that, except for the continued
need for parent advisory councils, these requirements conformed to the
basic requirements for the LEA basic formula grant program contained in
Sections 556 and 558 of ECIA Chapter I.

On June 125 1984, Congress enacted P.U 98-312, which modified the de-
finition of children of migratory fisherman to include children of persons
who "reside in a school district of more than 18,000 square miles and migrate
a distance of 20 miles or more to temporary residences to engage in fishing


A* Goals and Objectives

During Fiscal Year 1984, the Department's principal objectives for this
program were:

o To monitor ongoing projects and award grants for school year 1984-85

o To issue final program regulations reflecting the changes required by
ECIA Chapter 1.

o To develop procedures for data collection and analysis, as required by
the technical amendments to ECIA Chapter 1.

B* Progress and Accomplishments

o The Department awarded 51 Basic grants to the States ranging from $20,022
to $739650*977 It also awarded sixteen Interstate and Intrastate
Coordination grants to eleven different States at an average cost of

o The Department conducted ten onsite State program reviews.

o The large volume of comments on the December 3, 1982 Notice of Propos ed
Rulemaking, combined with further changes in the statute, caused delay
andsubsequent revision of the final regulations for the program. Final
regulations are expected to be published in Fiscal Year 1985.

o The Department developed a draft form to collect migrant education per-
formance and achievement data from the States.23,501                                              494,417